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Scientific Caribbean Foundation

Spring 2020 Symposium Highlights

Martín E. Fuentes-Quiñonez

Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola

Best Poster Presentation Winner

Spring 2020

Who are we?

Scientific Caribbean Foundation was founded in 2013 and launched in 2018 to enhance research opportunities in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and computer science (STEM+C) fields for pre-college, undergraduate and graduate students of educational institutions across Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Furthermore, the foundation runs an island-wide research program that mentors students in a variety of disciplines enabling these mentees to compete in symposiums and conferences with top-notch projects that have gone on to international exposure. The goal of SCF is to prepare the next generation of PhDs in order to revolutionize society's current state transforming the education system from top to bottom modernizing it two twenty-first century standards. Scientific Caribbean Foundation will develop tools and infrastructure to mold scientists and problem solvers preparing them for high impact in both the public and the private sector.


Provide access to research opportunities and mentoring in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and computer science (STEM-C) for pre-college and undergraduate students from Puerto Rico, Caribbean Region and the Americas.



Advancing research capabilities of our students to pursue graduate studies at the master's or Ph.D. level