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Model Institutions for Excellence (MIE)

Model Institutions for Excellence (MIE) grant was awarded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to transform Universidad Metropolitana (UMET) into a nationally recognized undergraduate research institution, and a model in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Mentoring of undergraduates and pre-college students by research mentors was the cornerstone of the MIE Project. Dr. Arratia was the Principal Investigator of the MIE grant at UMET. We believe that creative research is one of the best ways to prepare students to become persistent and successful in college, graduate school and professional careers. Today, the Student Research Development Center (SRDC), which is part of the Scientific Caribbean Foundation (SCF), is the entity that continues the MIE strategy by impacting pre-college and university students from institutions in Puerto Rico, across the nation and abroad. Saturday Research Academy (SRA) is a part of MIE that SCF continues to impact and make the next generation of researchers ready.


The MIE ended in 2009 at UMET. The outcome of the program was over 280 UMET STEM-C majors completed their BS degrees and 175 were transferred to graduate school, with 65 achieving doctoral status (PhD, MD, VVM, Pharm D). To increase the number of BS degrees transferred to graduate school, we will continue with the strategy of an early research program and partnership with key research institutions in Puerto Rico, the US mainland and abroad. Research mentoring will be the principal component of the knowledge transfer and creative thinking activities at SCF. Project based learning, collaborative learning strategies, presentations at scientific conferences, scientific writing and co-authorship, technology literacy, and preparation for graduate school are activities that are transforming the philosophy of competitive institutions.

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